Why You Should Never Be Just “Satisfied” With Your Cut & Colour!

On May 30, 2017 by Lissa Logan
Why You Should Never Be Just “Satisfied” With Your Cut & Colour!

Why You Should Never Be Just “Satisfied”
With Your Cut & Colour!

A great cut and colour is a true work of art! That’s why you should never be just “satisfied” with either. The right cut works with your face shape, bone structure, body proportion, and lifestyle. It falls naturally, as if you were born with it.

We’re glad to say that our team of expert stylists is gifted at creating beautiful cuts that flow with your hair.

And our salon colour? It’s individually formulated for superb performance. But before we snip or paint a single strand, we evaluate the condition of your hair, and your hair type.

This is the most critical assessment tool we have to create an outstanding cut and colour. Then we discuss how your chosen colour will work either for or against your skin tone.

• Is what you’re asking for achievable with your hair type?
• Will your hair have the movement, shine, and look you want?

These are just some of the questions we ask during our initial consult to give you an exceptional cut and colour that reflects your style and personality.

Instead of a flat, one-dimensional box colour look, we give your hair shiny, glossy, multi-dimensional colour from an almost endless range of gorgeous colours to tempt you.

And get this.

Salon colour is good for your hair!

Unlike nasty box colour, our professional formulas open the hair cuticle so that the colour penetrates deeply. (Box colour coats the cuticle.) Then, as part of the colouring process, we add deep conditioning agents to close up the cuticles and seal in your colour.

Not only do you get healthier hair, you have full coverage colour that’s beautiful and long lasting—even with resistant grey!

There’s just no reason to be satisfied with your haircut and colour. We want you dancing on the rooftops! (311)

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