How To Get Through A Bad Hair Day

On December 10, 2015 by Lissa Logan

What luck! When a bad hair day strikes, you have the power to actually make it look chic!

Here’s how:

Headbands: They’re back in style with a vengeance! That means whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, it’s an easy solution for a very temporary problem. Get a stash of jewel-encrusted, glittery or other unusual hairbands and let them do the talking on bad hair days.

Messy Or Half Updo: If your hair is medium to long, go for a messy updo or half updo. The point is to make lemons from lemonade! If you think your hair is a mess, take it to the max and make it chic. No one will ever know.

Flyaway Hair: Don’t brush it! That will only make it worse. Apply pomade and keep dryer sheets handy throughout the day to smooth unruly hair.

We all move a bit too fast, take short cuts and then curse our rotten luck when we wake up to a bad hair day. This too shall pass. But at least now, bad hair days can have real style!

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