Hairstyles That Hold Up In Cold Weather

On July 31, 2017 by Lissa Logan
Hairstyles That Hold Up In Cold Weather

Hairstyles That Hold Up In Cold Weather

To plow through the cold winter months, give your hair some help. Extra conditioning is a must, going easy on styling appliances, and choosing style products that aren’t silicone-based all help to protect your hair.

But how can you style your hair for added zing? Here are two tips:

• Add volume. This creates more drama and balances nicely with layers of bulky clothing. Choose root boost sprays and volumizing shampoos for looks that last throughout the day.

• Bangs. Bangs are actually great any time of the year. They draw attention to your eyes (ooh la la!) and minimize the pallor of winter skin. Think side swept for more excitement. Or go for full cut bangs as a classic look.

But what if you want a different look?

• Layered hairstyles add textural volume. And they add a sexy look for winter! Best of all, layered hair works well with short (but not pixie) to long hair.

• Razor cuts. These add cutting edge drama without all the effort. Bold personalities love this style. Or tone it down a bit and still show your edgy side. We’ll show you how.

• Bobs. It’s no wonder this look is a perennial favorite. It’s so easy and looks so fabulous. Bobs can be worn in a number of ways to suit your own style.

So what will you choose to get you through the dull days of winter? Let us know and we’ll gladly create that fabulous look for you!

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